Behaviour consultations are necessary in the event of more serious behavioural problems including separation anxiety and aggression problems.

The first step for a behavioural consultation is a veterinary check over. Behaviour consultations can only be booked through veterinary referral so we can make sure that the problem doesn’t have a medical origin. Some problems may be linked to previous or current medical conditions therefore close veterinary involvement is essential. Please contact us for a referral form.

Once a referral form has been received it is necessary for owners to complete a history form to find out more detailed information on the problem and background of the pet. This enables most history taking to be done before the consultation leaving more time to discuss the treatment programme during the consultation.

Once the history form has been returned a consultation can be booked.

Consultations usually last 2-3 hours, following this a detailed report will be sent out to owners outlining what we have discussed during the consultation. The price of consultations includes telephone and email support for as long as is necessary following the session.